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a tale of two hobos

and their epic hobomance

hobomance is the best kind of romance
in a box
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We are here to celebrate the epicness that is TomBert's hobomance.

h o b o m a n c e
a n e p i c t a l e o f t w o l o v e r s .

Welcome to hobomance, a non srs bsns community dedicated to the epic hobo bromance that is Robert Pattinson and Tom Sturridge. Join the party to view the love.

r u l e s

1. RESPECT THE HOBO ROMANCE. This is a community for both Rob and Tom, and bashing our hobo gods will not be tolerated. Bringing drama into the love fest is unnecessary; haters, the door is to your left. If you have any queries or concerns, feel free to PM a mod.

2. Respect your fellow hobo lovers. We're a non srs bsns community, so don't take things too seriously a.k.a. If you don't like something scroll on sunshine. We're here for the love and the lulz, so if one hobo steals your last quarter, just chant peace and love and karma will treat you well. Or else.

3. Post like a crackwhore; the more posts, the more love. We want to see everything from your special hobo romance underwear (M&S to be specific) to your super duper hobo stalking skillz. Remember, tags are your friends.

4. Use a cut, bitches. If you're posting big pictures or NSFW content, put it under a cut. You wouldn't want any hobos stealing public internet to get arrested for viewing porn, would you?

5. If you'd like to affiliate with hobomance or promote your community, leave a comment in the welcome post and we'll get back to you.

Happy hobo lovin'!
Love your hobo mods,
arizonagirl_21, ruinlily, qwertybex.

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